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This class is designed to teach and improve motor skills. Your little dancer will take part in an interactive class that teaches very beginner dance steps as well as active learning games.


These classes are designed for the dancer that has mastered the motor skills taught in Tiny Tots and is working on their dance vocabulary. In this class your dancer will expand upon the principles that are taught in Tiny Tots, and further their abilities to get them prepared to step into the Level 1+ classes.


This dance style is the foundation of dance and dance technique. It is very important for your dancer to take at least one ballet class a week as the skills and lessons that are learned in this class apply in almost every other style of dance. Ballet assists with proper alignment of the body, fluidity and coordination of the arms and legs, and builds technique for skills and movements used across many dance styles.


This is the class that your dancer will take before they enroll in a Pointe class. This class is designed to help your dancer build the proper technique and strength for dancing in pointe shoes. They will work on foot and arch strength, ankle mobility, and calf and core strength. PrePointe is an important step to ensure that your dancer is strong enough to dance en pointe without causing damage or injury to their body. 


After excelling in PrePointe your dancer will now be ready to take a Pointe class. In this class your dancer will further the abilities that they have learned in their Ballet class by now wearing a special shoe designed for dancing on the very tip. Your dancer will continue their ballet training as they learn new skills.


In this style of dance your dancer will work on strength, agility, and coordination. This class is designed to be athletic which helps your dancer build the muscles needed jumps and coordinating the limbs. They will learn the basic skills of the style and then build upon those as they move through the levels of jazz.


This style is very important for your dancer to learn musicality. The various rhythms and beats created by not only the music, but the dancer as well will help your dancer understand how to count music and stay in time. This will also help your dancer develop strong ankles which is needed across all dance styles.


In this style your dancer will learn about emotional connection to movement and fluid versus sharp movement. This class is a combination of both ballet and jazz technique, and some other principals that are unique to this style as well. The emotional connection that your dancer learns to build in this class will help them across other dance styles as they understand how different music inflicts different emotions.


In this class your dancer will learn more about spatial awareness, improve balance, and explore creativity. As your dancer learns about the different modern techniques, and who they were created by, they will be able to create sequences of movement that are expressive and tell a story.


In this cardio infused class your dancer will learn how to properly shift their weight in their feet, musicality, and help build their self-confidence. The different styles of hiphop will help create a well rounded dancer. 


This class is a blend of acrobatics and dance. In this class your dancer will work on different tricks that are used across all dance styles. They will build their stamina, strength, and flexibility in order to achieve skills such as back walkovers, side aerials, and headsprings.


This class is designed to push your dancer so that their retention rate and ability to learn new things quickly increases. The dancers will be learning combinations that take them across the floor that include weight shifts and technical skills. The goal for this class is for the instructor to teach the combo, review it once, and then go across floor individually to push each dancer.


In this class your dancer will work on not only their technical skills, but also their strength and stamina. This class is designed to perfect the skills that the dancers’ already know, as well as learn new skills that can be seen in dance styles such as jazz, lyrical, and contemporary.  


This class is very important for dancers to take. In this class your dancer will work on not only the skills that they know, but also their self-confidence. They will continue to grow in their musicality, and movement adaptability. 


This is an Australian based technique that assists dancers with their ballet technique as well as their strength. This class uses some workout equipment (that is provided) to enhance the dancers ability to engage the inner thighs and turnout muscles, as well as work on the fluidity of their movement. 


 In this class your dancer will learn and maintain the technical skills needed for most local drill teams ranging from the middle school to high school level. This is usually includes jazz and pom technique.


If selected for a company piece your dancer spend this class learning the dances that they will be performing at various competitions through the school year, as well as learning team work, communication, and problem solving. 

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