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RDA offers a Student Assistant Program for dancers aged 11+ who are interested in becoming a Student Teacher at RDA and/or pursuing a career in dance instruction. 

Student Assistants will go through an application process and will be selected based off availability, class & studio behavior and experience. Added bonus - dancers will receive a discount on tuition for each class they student teach.

Once a dancer hits the age of 16 and/or has been student teaching at RDA for a minimum of 3 years, students will become eligible for receiving their very own dance class as lead teacher. Not all student assistants will become lead teachers - rather, those who show leadership skills, time management, attendance and general studio excellence will be considered.

If your dancer is interested in becoming part of our GLAM program, application forms are sent out each Summer for the following dance season.

We also offer Summer positions which are great for a trial basis.

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