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primary classes

Primary classes are for ages 2-5.  These classes will begin to develop the basics of multiple dance styles including, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and tumbling.  We have class options for mornings, afternoons and evenings to accommodate all lifestyles.  RDA limits its class sizes to ensure that each dancer receives appropriate attention and care.  Due to that, our classes for these ages can fill up quickly! 

what we offer for ages 2-5

Tiny Tots (Ages 2-2.5)

Monday @ 9:30am

Monday @ 10:00am

Wednesday @ 3:30pm

Pre-K Classes (Age 3)

Pre-K Ballet/Tap - Monday @ 4:00pm

Pre-K Ballet/Tap/Tumble - Wednesday @ 10:00am

Pre-K Ballet/Tap - Wednesday @ 4:45pm

Kinder Classes (Ages 4-5)

Kinder Ballet/Tap/Tumble - Monday @ 11:00am

Kinder Ballet/Tap - Monday @ 5:30pm

Kinder Ballet/Tap/Tumble - Wednesday @ 11:00am

Kinder Ballet/Tap - Wednesday @ 4:00pm

Kinder Ballet/Tap - Thursday @ 5:00pm

Pre Classes (Ages 3-5)

Pre-Ballet - Wednesday @ 4:00pm

Pre-Ballet - Thursday @ 9:30am

Pre-Jazz/Tap - Thursday @ 10:15am

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